10 Totally Cool Facts About CoolSculpting That You Didn’t Know

CoolSculpting is the amazing fat-freezing way to finally get the contoured body you desire. Through the use of cryolipolysis (fat-freezing) technology, the CoolSculpting process literally freezes fat away, removing, once and for all, those stubborn pockets of fat and accomplishing what no amount of diet, or exercise, can.

Those love handles you’ve struggled with? Gone! Back fat? Bye! And wave so-long to those bat wings that hang from your upper arms. CoolSculpting can restore your confidence, giving you the positive body image for which you’ve sought.

CoolSculpting experts

At Tryst Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center, we take pride in our full range of aesthetic and laser services. We support our patients and the positive changes they seek. Under the guidance of our medical director, Dr. Michele Martinez, our staff provides exceptional service with outstanding results.

Tryst Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center is located in Chino Hills, California. Our state-of-the-art luxury medical spa provides a tranquil environment where you’ll feel pampered and indulged. From the moment you walk through the door, you just know you’re going to have a positive experience.

Proven results with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a hugely popular procedure all over the world. That’s because CoolSculpting delivers results. Men and women who have tried in vain to reduce the fat around their midsection, butt, thighs, and that stubborn double chin are thrilled to find a non-invasive procedure that does what countless planks, squats, and curls have failed to do.

Here are 10 cool facts about CoolSculpting you probably didn’t know.

Ten cool reasons to love CoolSculpting

  1. CoolSculpting gets rid of fat cells. No matter how much weight you lose, your body has a fixed amount of fat cells. When you drop pounds, you’re simply shrinking those cells. They remain in your body, ready to expand, should you gain weight. CoolSculpting helps your body remove the fat cells, eliminating them by about 20%-25%.

  2. CoolSculpting helps your body remove the fat cells through a natural process. When your fat cells are frozen they begin to die. Your body processes the cell waste through the lymphatic system. This can take a while, which is why patients won’t see their full results for as long as 3 months.  

  3. CoolSculpting is truly a non-invasive procedure. The technology used by CoolSculpting allows big results without the invasiveness of other fat removal procedures, like liposuction. No incisions, no stitches, and no scars.

  4. Your double chin will appear more firm. CoolSculpting not only reduces your double chin, but provides a firmer, tighter, less lax appearance.

  5. CoolSculpting procedures target the eight areas of your body where fat loss is most difficult. The chin, upper arms, stomach, waist, hips, back, inner and outer thighs, and lower buttocks can all be sculpted to perfection with CoolSculpting.

  6. Results are permanent! Once your fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good. By maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, you can expect your newly contoured shape to stay that way.

  7. CoolSculpting has won awards. For the fifth straight year, CoolSculpting has won the coveted NewBeauty award for Fighting Fat in a Flash. NewBeauty sets the standard for must-have products, services, and procedures that make you feel more confident and beautiful.

  8. Although CoolSculpting gets rid of stubborn fat cells, it isn’t used to promote weight loss. That’s why we recommend you maintain a healthy BMI, and your desired weight, before scheduling your CoolSculpting procedure.

  9. People around the world have benefitted 6 million times from CoolSculpting procedures. Think about that number!

  10. The CoolSculpting procedure is the world’s number one non-invasive fat reduction procedure. And why not? With CoolSculpting you lose fat, lose inches, and there’s little to no downtime.

There you have it! Ten more COOL facts about CoolSculpting you didn’t know. If you’ve tried everything and those areas of stubborn fat continue to hang around, robbing you of your best life, what are you waiting for?

The professional aestheticians at Tryst Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center can help you blast away the fat that’s been holding you back. Contact Tryst Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center today. What do you have to lose?

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