Addressing Your Leg Veins in Chino Hills

There’s nothing worse than problems with your leg veins. When you look down and see those spider veins that look like blue webs or you have bigger problems with varicose veins, you will do anything to make them go away. You have talked to your doctor and have followed his advice. You walk regularly. You wear compression stockings. You have cut back on salty foods in your diet. You have even tried different creams that are available over-the-counter. Nothing has solved your problems with your leg veins. You have decided that you need to do something more to solve your problem. Whether you have varicose veins or spider veins, our specialist in Chino Hills can help you.

What’s Going On with Your Veins?

When your veins in your legs become extremely visible and begin to bulge, you most likely have a problem with a faulty valve in your veins. The valves in your veins are supposed to shut after your blood passes through the vein. When the valve is faulty, it doesn’t close. This allows some of your blood to flow in the wrong direction. It will begin to create a pool in your vein that will only continue to get larger with time. You can’t solve this kind of problem on your own. Your doctor’s advice might help you to keep your problem from getting worse. However, you will need professional treatment to remove the blemishes from your legs.

What are Your Options to Treat Problem Veins?

If your issues with your leg veins are bringing you down, you can make an appointment to see our expert in Chino Hills. Your legs will be examined and we will determine what is at the root of your problem. We are proud to treat leg veins utilizing laser treatments, which have shown time and again to be effective and convenient.

Set Up a Consultation Today

When you want to solve your issues with your leg veins, set up an appointment at Tryst Med Aesthetics & Laser Center to find answers. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in Chino Hills!

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