Maintain a Refreshed Appearance with Chemical Peels in Chino Hills

Unless you are one of those fortunate few who hit the genetic jackpot, it’s likely that as you’ve gotten older you’ve experienced more problems with your skin. These problems likely include things like wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. There may be some problems that you have dealt with since adolescence such as acne scars. If so, you may want to learn more about how to maintain a refreshed appearance with SkinMedica chemical peels in Chino Hills.


What Are Chemical Peels?

As the name implies, chemical peels exfoliate your skin with a specially designed chemical solution. The power of the chemicals that are used and the length of time that the peel is on your skin will determine how deep it penetrates into your skin. The purpose of this treatment is to encourage new skin growth. Newer skin growth usually has fewer skin problems than older skin that has not been treated. SkinMedica chemical peels come in a few different forms. Some are designed to only provide light assistance, while others are formulated to treat deeper issues. During your consultation with us, we’ll help you determine exactly which type of peel is right for you.


How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Depending on the chemicals that are used and how long the peel is applied, it will start to affect the dermis and the epidermis. With time, new skin cells will be created that will replace those exfoliated away during the treatment.

Within a couple of days after the chemical peel, your body will also begin to create new collagen fibers. During the healing process, your skin may become inflamed. This is why your skin might look temporarily red, but this redness is common and will dissipate with time.

Before any chemical peels are applied, our specialist will examine your skin. We will observe the issues that you want to address. Then, we will formulate a chemical peel that is right to treat the issues that you have. After your treatment, you may be amazed to see that fine lines and wrinkles that have been problematic for some time are no longer there.

One of the best things about chemical peels is that they can treat a wide array of skin concerns. If you have acne scars, uneven skin texture or enlarged pores, you can benefit from this treatment.

The best way to know if a SkinMedica peel is right for you is to come in and talk with our professionals at Tryst Med Aesthetics and Laser Center in Chino Hills. Let us examine your skin and show you how to maintain a refreshed appearance with chemical peels. Contact our office today to book your first appointment!

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