Microblading: How Celebrities Get Perfect Brows (and You Can Too)

Eyebrow pencils and gels may help you get the well-defined brows you wish you had naturally, but let’s be honest — the results only last for one day, and if you’re not careful, you can wind up with something that looks less natural and more like your grandmother’s stamped-on brow.

Fortunately, advances in aesthetic medicine have made it possible to get the brows you’ve always wanted and leave your eyebrow makeup behind for good.

Microblading, a revolutionary eyebrow treatment that uses semi-permanent pigments and a special device to redefine lines, fill in gaps, and restore over-plucked brows, can give you natural-looking, long-lasting eyebrows with minimal upkeep.    

The microblading process

Microblading uses a specialized device to “draw,” or deposit, long-lasting cosmetic pigments into your skin. The device itself, which looks something like a super fine pen, actually contains 12-15 ultra-thin needles that are so fine they’re able to create strokes that look as real as natural eyebrow hairs.  

To help you achieve the perfect look, our microblading specialist, Sarah Schon, starts by strategically penciling hairs on your brow to create the perfect shape and size. While this part of the process can be tedious, it lays the template for the microblading process and gives you an accurate idea of what you’ll look like when the treatment is complete.

Once you’re completely satisfied with the initial design, Sarah will apply a numbing cream to your skin to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Microblading without a numbing agent feels similar to getting a tattoo. If you have a low tolerance for discomfort, a numbing cream can help considerably; instead of experiencing pain, you’ll just feel a bit of pressure and a light scratching sensation.  

Using the microblading pen and special, semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing pigments, Sarah traces over the individual pencil strokes, one at a time, to create realistic-looking lines of hair that appear just as natural as real eyebrows.

Perfecting the look

For the first three days after your treatment, as the area heals, your eyebrows will look considerably darker than you may have been expecting. Don’t panic — this is completely normal.

To help facilitate healing, keep the area clean and apply aftercare ointment as directed. By the fourth or fifth day post-treatment, the little scabs should begin to fall off, revealing a brow color that’s 50-75% lighter than it was the day after your treatment.

Although it can take four to six weeks to heal completely, you can generally return to your normal routine right away — although early on, it’s best to avoid anything that makes you sweat a lot, as excessive amounts of perspiration on your brow can decrease pigment retention.

After those six weeks, you are able to come back in for a quick touch-up microblading session. During the touch-up, Sarah can determine whether the pigment strokes are as saturated as desired and correct any areas where your skin may have pushed some of the pigment back out during the healing process.  

Beautiful, long-lasting results

Microblading delivers beautiful results that won’t smudge, bleed, or look unnatural. You can expect those results to last anywhere from one to three years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

The semi-permanent pigments used in microblading are actually designed to fade a little bit every time your skin exfoliates, giving you room to adjust your look as your face continues to mature with age.

Although many factors affect just how quickly your new brows will fade — regular sun exposure and using facial cleansers with exfoliants will make them fade faster — light-colored brows tend to fade fastest. Scheduling an annual touch-up can help you keep your brows looking just the way they should.

Here at Tryst Med Aesthetics and Laser Center in Chino Hills, California, our experienced microblading specialist has the skill and expertise to provide conservative, natural-looking results every time. If you’re ready to put that eyebrow pencil away for good, give us a call or schedule a microblading consultation online today.

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