What are the Aesthetic Benefits of Juvederm Procedures in Chino Hills?

Many people know that Juvederm treatments are minimally invasive, take less than 20 minutes to complete, and require absolutely no downtime. What Fullerton residents really want to know is how this top-rated dermal filler is capable of enhancing or improving their looks. Currently the most popular injectable for minimizing the appearance of laugh lines, frown lines, and facial volume loss, Juvederm can also be used as part of lip enhancement and anti-aging procedures at our office in Chino Hills. To truly appreciate the aesthetic benefits of this solution, however, you have to know how it works.


Replacing Lost Hyaluronic Acid

One of the top reasons why Juvederm is so highly preferred is its largely natural composition. All of the fillers from the Juvederm brand are primarily comprised of hyaluronic acid or HA. This is an acid that the human body naturally manufactures on its own. It is found at the foundation of the skin where it plays an important role in overall structural support. When people age, the body stops producing many important, skin-supporting substances. This age-related decline invariably causes the skin to become weaker. With less collagen, HA, and elastin, aged skin tends to develop a dry, leathery, and sagging look. Juvederm combats these issues by delivering HA right where it’s needed the most. Once inserted into the skin, this acid will provide the foundation upon which lost volume can be rebuilt.


Hydrating The Dermis From The Foundation Layer To The Surface Of The Skin

Once Juvederm is in place, the HA that it contains begins to attracting nearby water molecules and retaining them. This results in a noticeable plumping of the treated area that quickly fills in deep creases, sagging skin, and hollow areas. As such, Juvederm injections are perfect for eliminating marionette or smile lines that travel along the nasolabial folds. It is also great for people with hollows under the eyes, or sagging skin at the jawline. Best of all, by collecting and retaining water molecules, Juvederm can additionally give the skin a soft, youthful overall look.


Make Your Lips Look Full, Moist, And Super-Soft

This same plumping and hydrating action also works incredibly well at the lips. Juvederm can minimize the appearances of smoker’s lines, or the perioral wrinkles that radiate outwards from the lips among people who use tobacco products. More commonly, however, this gel is used to reshape, redefine, and plump the lips for patients in Chino Hills who are in search of the perfect pout. For those with excessively thin or uneven lips, this solution offers a safe and relatively risk-free way to recreate the entire appearance of the mouth.


Are you tired of dealing with wrinkles and fine lines? Contact us today at Tryst Med Aesthetic & Laser Center to schedule your initial consultation for Juvederm at our office in Chino Hills.

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