Why Do I Still Get Acne and How Can I Get Rid of It?

What if the acne of your teen years doesn’t go away or returns when you least expect it? This skin nightmare is a reality for many adults. Surveys show that nearly 22% of adult women still suffer from the skin condition. Why does acne disappear for some people but still haunts the long-term sufferers?

The providers at Tryst Med Aesthetics and Laser Center see patients with acne all of the time — adults who hoped acne would be just a memory by now. The condition is not unusual in adults, and treatment for acne is one of the practice’s specialties. Let’s take a look at acne, why some adults still get it, and how they can get rid of the condition.

Acne as a Condition

Acne isn’t just a few spots and pimples. It is an irritating condition that can be disfiguring, and in some cases, can leave nasty scars. You usually develop the condition when you are young and your skin is very oily. Excess oil and dead skin cells block hair follicles, encouraging bacteria to infect the area. Picking at the spots with dirty fingers can make it worse.

Acne is the result of an infection on large patches of the skin. Stress and hormone fluctuations, not unusual in teenagers, are factors too, along with dietary problems and reactions to some medications.

While most of people put acne behind them as they reach their 20s, it can still affect others into adult life.

Why me?

The causes of adult acne are the same as those for acne that affects teens. In some cases, patients breezed through their teen years only get acne as adults.

The reasons for outbreaks of adult acne include:

Fluctuating hormones

The fluctuation of hormones is a particular problem for women around the time of their periods and with the onset of the menopause. Imbalances may also occur during pregnancy and even coming off or going on contraceptive pills.


We all suffer from anxiety, but in some people, stress can produce excessive amounts of androgens. These can cause acne at any age, leading to blocked pores and hair follicles.

Skin care products

Often cheap or inappropriate products irritate the skin, block pores, and cause excessive production of oil.


You can’t escape your genes. It may be that your family has a history of bad skin, and your genetic makeup can cause the onset of adult acne.


Adverse reactions to some drugs can trigger acne in some people.

Help is at Hand

Tryst Med Aesthetics and Laser Center can help you deal with acne. Your provider starts by reviewing your overall medical history and making adjustments as needed. If you have a reaction to skin care products, your provider can let you know which ones to avoid and can recommend alternatives. Your provider can also spot family history problems, or pinpoint a medication that might be triggering your acne.

Innovative treatments that Tryst Med Aesthetics offers include:

The experienced team at Tryst Med Aesthetics and Laser Center assesses your condition and recommends a therapy specific to your acne. A complete approach of prevention and treatment is the only sure way to get rid of acne once and for all.

The Tryst Med Aesthetics and Laser Center team is only too happy to help you deal with acne problems. Call today or fill out the online form to request an appointment. Your skin will thank you.

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