Skin Tightening


As we age, gravity, cumulative sun exposure and stresses of daily life create lines, wrinkles and creases into our faces between the nose and mouth, the jawline grows slack and jowly, folds and fat deposits appear around the neck. Our Halo by Sciton Laser treats deep dermal layers of large areas, to create thermal injury that stimulates collagen remodeling. Different levels can be treated effectively with this powerful tool. There is minimal downtime, allowing you to be back at work right away!

The benefits of laser skin tightening include:

  • This is a non surgical treatment, so you’re back to normal life immediately
  • Treatment is painless & relaxing
  • Effects can continue up to 6 months post-treatment
  • Men & women of all ages benefit
  • Patient satisfaction is rated very high
  • A more youthful, beautiful appearance is achieved

For more information on Laser Rejuvenation or to see if it’s right for you, call us at 909-551-4951 or request a consultation.

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